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Our niche in the mining industry has been what we refer to as "special tooling". This encompasses workstations for repetitive repairs, as well as all types of crane systems, and "under the hook" lifting devices. We enjoy working with our customers to solve particular problems to make maintenance functions quicker and safer. Our creative ideas and ability to think "outside the box" has helped us build projects and special tooling for some of the largest mines in the world. Let us show you what we can bring to the table on your next project.

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Truck Discharge Grizzly System Water-Cooled Anode Platten Stockpile Feeder Cover
Concave Setting Fixtures Tailings Pond Maintenance
Deck Barge
Modular Fabricated Pan
Feeder Flights
Trommel Quick Liner
Change Fixture

300 Ton Trailer and Prime Mover

Ball Mill Inching Drive
Reusable Large Volume Oil Tanks Flotation Cell Agitator
Maintenance Workstation
Multipurpose Strongback
Belt Lifter Pump Float Power Shackle
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